National Memorial Coming Soon

  An all-encompassing national memorial, a first-of-its-kind, is being produced with a planned completion date of       Summer, 2017.  This memorial will include our country's military Fallen who have died in The War on Terror since 9/11/2001.   Additional towers will be designated to include over 300 private contractors killed in the war zone, and our military who have died from attacks at home, training accidents, or while working and on active duty, whether stateside or overseas.

  To recognize the terrible effects brought on by serving in a war zone, there will be a Tribute Tower dedicated to our               country's Fallen who served in a combat zone and later succumbed to Post-Traumatic Stress/suicide after their return.   

  This beautiful display will consist of at least 50 Tribute Towers supporting double-sided and full-color banners to withstand   the elements, making it possible to be exhibited outdoors.  Each Tribute Tower is 8 feet high and 5 feet wide and will             include military and personal photos of each Fallen. 

  We Need Your Help to Complete the National Memorial

  • Help us contact Gold Star Families -  Please share this web site and ask them to add their Fallen Hero's information   and photos.  There is no cost to the families.  If a family has already provided photos for their loved one for a state memorial, there is no need to re-submit for the national memorial.
  • Make a Donation to support the production of the national memorial.  If you are interested in a sponsorship, please call 402.612.0210 or email and we will be happy to discuss opportunities with you.
  • Reserve the National Memorial in 2017 - We hope to have the national memorial 80-90% completed to begin traveling in the Summer of 2017.  If you are interested in reserving the memorial for a mid-2017 event or later, please contact us.